Drainage Solutions

Looking for a Drainage Contractor?

If you happen to be among the unlucky 60 percent of homeowners who have some type of water problem in their yard, HomeGrown Landscapes can help. The good news is that most drainage issues can be remedied with the installation of an in-ground drainage system.

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HomeGrown Landscapes has years of experience and has completed many successful drainage projects. Licensed in the state of North Carolina, we will evaluate your property and design a system specific to your site conditions. Most wet yards can be drained effectively.

HomeGrown Landscapes in Durham, NC will deal with your water problems and you can stop dreading the rain. Call 919.616.2315 or Email

“Our drains are working really well this morning! I feel so good knowing I can go to work today and not have to worry about our yard flooding. The driveway looks great too. I love the chapel hill gravel and the red brick. Thanks again for all your work and for accommodating us.”
L – Durham, NC