The driveway is in. We had a 6-inch bed dug, landscaping fabric laid, a layer of crush-and-run gravel pounded in for the foundation, and river rock spread atop for visual appeal.

Jacob Lewis and Homegrown Landscapes did the work and we’re very pleased. He was very easy to work with and creative and took our numerous ideas for improvements and modifications in stride along the way. Everybody on his crew was friendly, which makes a difference.


Durham, NC

Hi Folks!
Several people have asked about the new sidewalk we are having built in our front yard at –
The work is being done by Jacob Lewis, owner of Home Grown Landscapes & Construction Services.
We are extremely pleased with his work and wholeheartedly recommend him. In addition to the sidewalk, he has remedied some drainage issues we were having and installed rain barrels. We will definitely hire him for future outdoor improvements.
Jacob brings an artist’s eye & skilled hand to the job, and is happy to offer his vision of what’s possible as well as collaborate on design. He works hard, has integrity & a friendly attitude. We’ve enjoyed getting to know him and the family members he employs as his assistants.
Warmly, Coco

Jacob is detail-oriented and will work in partnership with you to create your vision

We recently had Jacob Lewis of Homegrown Landscapes work on some drainage issues we were having in our yard. The downspouts from our house were in bad shape and causing pooling all over our yard that was breeding mosquitoes and making a mess. It looks great now. We were very happy with how flexible, competent, and affordable Jacob was.



I have had a very pleasant experience working with Jacob. I can also recommend him.
Jacob and his crew put in two raised beds, with a fence around them, and cleared out the front of the yard, and mulched.  Everything looks great!
Jacob came in on budget and the work was completed on time.
I highly recommend Jacob for your landscaping needs.
They did a fantastic job!

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